To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fantasy masterpiece "Alien Soldier", "Mega Drive Mini W Asia Edition" with the same title will be released in Japan!

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the release of the famous masterpiece "Alien Soldier" on February 24, SEGA Games will sell `` Mega Drive Mini W Asia Edition '' with the same title in Japan Limited release has been decided.

"Mega Drive Mini W Asia Edition" includes nine titles that are not included in the domestic version, including "Alien Soldier", "Shining Force II Seal of the Old Age", "Vermilion", and "OutRun 2019".
Among the purchase bonuses, many keywords that frequently appear in the work are based on the `` alien soldier '' motif, and a mega drive mini release commemorative special edition was released in September 2019, even among mega drive fans The postcard drawn by the creator of the "Uncle World Uncle" who is almost dead is enclosed.

"Mega Drive Mini W Asia Edition" will be released on March 25 at a selling price of 8,980 yen + tax. From February 21st today, Sega official EC site Sega store and Amazon will start accepting reservations only.

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