"Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Rescue Team DX" A powerful "awesome work" that breaks walls and traps! Release of the latest video and two smiley and painful TVCMs

Nintendo has released the latest game introduction video for Nintendo Switch compatible software "Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Rescue Team DX" to be released on March 6.

This work is a remake of the dungeon RPG "Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red Rescue Team / Blue Rescue Team" released in 2005.
More than 400 types of Pokemon including Mega Shinka Pokemon will appear in the game, including Pokemon whose evolution has not been discovered at that time.

The latest video introduces the outline of the story, tools to help you search for dungeons, and points for dungeon capture.
The existence of powerful abilities, such as `` creating a path '' that digs into the dungeon wall and `` breaking traps '' to advance the search as `` great work '' to advance dungeon search in an advantageous manner, also revealed Was.
With the release of this latest video, two types of TV commercials, "Egao Hen" and "Namida Hen", will be unveiled.
As the title suggests, it is a TV commercial with the theme of "smiles" and "crying faces" of Pokemon.
Please check out this TV commercial that shows everything from smiley scenes full of smiles to painful scenes of Pokemon with tears.