"Hull Research Institute", which produced "Kirby of the Stars" and "Smash", is the 40th anniversary of its establishment! Celebrate the milestone with commemorative illustrations and special pages

The Hull Laboratories, which produced the Kirby's Kirby series and the Super Smash Bros. Series, have celebrated their 40th anniversary today on February 21.

To celebrate this 40th anniversary, a special page opens on the official website. It features a special movie showing commemorative illustrations by 10 creators, comments on the 40th anniversary, and the history since its establishment.

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary, a campaign is also held to give 10 people by lottery the "Hull Laboratories 40th Anniversary Special Clear File" which is not for sale.

By 18:00 on March 10, follow the official Twitter (@HAL_Laboratory) and RT the target tweet to complete the application.

The “Hull Laboratories 40th Anniversary Special Clear File” is available in two designs: a 40th anniversary logo design with three successive logos, and a design that uses the current logo, “Dog Egg”, in a greatly stretched manner. It will be a present as a set.
Delivery is scheduled for late March and winners will be notified via a direct message from Twitter. Various application conditions and notes are also posted on the special page, so please check it.

■ Hull Laboratories 40th Anniversary Special Page