Rescue Pokemon in the real world like "Pokedan Rescue Team DX"! Mystery solving project "Pokemon SOS Challenge" starts on March 2

To commemorate the launch of Nintendo Switch Software "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX", Pokémon Co., Ltd. will launch a Pokémon SOS Challenge from March 2, supervised by mystery creator Ryogo Matsumaru.

"Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team / Red Rescue Team" that appeared for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance in 2005 became one software, and was completely remade with a gentle visual like a picture book "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue" Corps DX] will be released on March 6, 2020.

In commemoration of the release of "Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Rescue Team DX", the company announced that it will be conducting a traffic advertising-linked puzzle solving project that will allow you to experience the world of your work in the real world.

In order to rescue the Pokémons who have lost their way into Shibuya, we will launch a solution together with our partner Pokémon based on the “SOS from Pokémon” (solving a mystery) posted on the premises of Shibuya Station.

If you solve the mystery of SOS and enter the answer on the campaign site, you will be glad to receive thanks from the rescued Pokemon. Also, if you solve all the prepared puzzles (all 16 questions), you may reach "SOS from a certain Pokemon" ...!

The “Pokemon SOS Challenge” will run from March 2, 2020 to March 8, 2020.
Why not rescue Pokemon not only in "Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Rescue Team DX" but also in the real world?

Campaign summary

■ Campaign name: Pokemon SOS Challenge
■ Period: March 2, 2020 (Monday)-March 8, 2020 (Sunday)
■ Posting location: Tokyu Shibuya Station premises, etc.
■ Campaign site URL:
■ Supervision: Mystery creator Ryogo Matsumaru
■ Participation privilege: If you answer one question correctly on the site, you will receive a "mysterious email password" that can be used in the game.

* "Mysterious e-mail password" (hereinafter referred to as "password") that can be received by answering the problem correctly can be used once for each of multiple save data.
* Even if the problem is different, the password may be the same.
* The password that can be received when answering the question correctly depends on the question.
* After the campaign ends, the answer to the question and the password will be posted on this site. Please note.
* Campaigns are subject to change without notice.

How to participate

1. Find
During the period, find "SOS from Pokemon" affixed to Shibuya Station and try to solve it with your partner Pokemon! Can you find 16 questions in all?

2. Answer on site
If you solve the mystery of SOS, enter the answer on the campaign site! If you answer correctly, you will receive thanks from the rescued Pokemon.

3. More mystery ...?
Furthermore, if you solve all the mysteries, you may be able to reach SOS from a Pokemon who is secretly seeking help somewhere ...! ?

■ Problem image

Comment by Ryogo Matsumaru

Pokemon measures in Shibuya ... and I never dreamed of being involved in my favorite series ...!

When I was in elementary school, I talked with members who loved Pokemon while recalling the feelings of "Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue Rescue Team".
Especially the last problem is hidden in a special place like never before!

I'm looking forward to everyone's discovery posts, Good Luck!

■ Profile
After enrolling at the University of Tokyo, he was a representative of the mystery solving production group AnotherVision, and is a giant puzzler who has created a huge boom in various fields. The supervised book “Todai Nazotre” series has a cumulative total of more than 1.2 million copies.

Currently, he has launched RIDDLER Co., Ltd., a group of creators who solve mysteries from the University of Tokyo, with the goal of "telling everyone the joy of thinking" and working with his friends to solve mysteries in various media.