"Grable VS" and DLC character "Belzebab" will be distributed on March 3! New PV release featuring battle scenes

Cygames released an introduction PV of the first DLC character "Belzebab" of the action action RPG "Granblue Fantasy Versus" (hereinafter, GBVS) for PlayStation 4 on February 20.
The delivery date of "Beelzebub" is March 3, and the price is 300 yen (excluding tax).

GBVS is a fighting game based on Granblue Fantasy, an RPG for Android / iOS / PC.
This time, a PV containing the battle scene of the DLC character "Beelzebub" scheduled to be distributed on March 3 has been released.

In the PV, you can check various abilities, combos and liberating motions, starting with the mystery of "Beelzebub".
In addition, as a purchase privilege of `` Beelzebub '', one lobby avatar and one character icon, two new quests in RPG mode, and one `` Astral Weapon '' reward weapon for content to be implemented in `` Granblue Fantasy '' in the future It has been announced that there will be a benefit that will be available for pre-order.
The official website of GBVS lists these purchase benefits and the list of abilities for Beelzebub.

Furthermore, at the end of the PV, the next trailer video release date will be revealed on February 27.
The next trailer video will probably be an introduction PV for the DLC character "Nalmere" scheduled for distribution in March.