ARPG "Indivisible" PS4 / Switch version will be released in Japan! Dubbing of gorgeous voice actors such as Ami Koshimizu

Spike Chunsoft has announced on Famitsu Magazine that a Japanese version of the action RPG "Individible Souls of the Darkness" will be released on PS4 / Nintendo Switch.

This is a new action RPG from Lab Zero Games developer Skullgirls.
Ajna, the hero's girl who wakes up to a mysterious power, takes on an adventure seeking the identity of that power and what is happening in the world.
It features a system that combines a 2D platform and a real-time command battle that uses the abilities of various friends to fight.

Japanese dubbing has also been performed for the domestic market, and it has become clear that Ajna Koshimizu is cast on the protagonist Ajna and Yoshimasa Hosoya is cast on the soldier Dar.