Those who control all five senses win Valentine of "Love Plus EVERY"!

Suddenly, when do people move their emotions?
When you see beautiful things or listen to beautiful music. Even when you eat delicious sweets, you will be happy.
In other words, we can feel happiness if we stimulate the five senses, which are roughly divided into sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.
In other words, those who control the five senses control happiness.

By the way, February 14 is Valentine's Day today. Today, there will be various battles between girls calculating and boys expecting all over the country.
When I turned my back in my 30s and lost all of my daily thrills, I could only jealous of such sparkling events, but this year is different.
Yes, I have Love Plus EVERY.
Of course, Valentine will come to "Love Plus EVERY" as well.

The VR dating “My Sweet Valentine” has been released today from February 14, and the sight of beloved girlfriends giving chocolate while dyeing their cheeks with cherry blossoms is too dazzling to see directly.
What this goddess. Only the preview video uploaded on YouTube is this destructive power.
What happens to me if I experience this on a VR with a sense of reality?

By the way, it was such a Valentine, but suddenly a hypothesis broke out in my mind.
In other words, if you try to stimulate all the "five senses" mentioned at the beginning, you may be able to feel the best feeling.

Those who control the five senses control Valentine.
It is an experiment start immediately.

Vision is clear if you have VR goggles

Visual problems were cleared up easily. After all, "My Sweet Valentine" is a VR event.
With Love Plus EVERY, you can easily experience VR as long as you have a VR goggle for your smartphone, so your vision will be clear.
* You can enjoy the event even without VR goggles.

When I recall, my first experience of VR for Love Plus EVERY was at an event at the 2017 Tokyo Game Show.
The VR goggles used at that time were kept like heirloom until the time came.
f you put on VR goggles, Nene will be there. It doesn't matter how virtual it is.
This is reality. Here is Nene-san. Only that is real.

Clear hearing without difficulty. Happy ears

There is no problem with hearing. "My Sweet Valentine" of "Love Plus EVERY" is naturally full voice compatible.

When watching an event, it is a good idea to connect earphones or headphones to the smartphone itself.
Because, if people around you hear the confession of giving a chocolate, you're ashamed of the girlfriend too?
As a boyfriend, it's only natural to protect girlfriends.
That is the duty of a gentleman.

The sense of smell with the help of great ancestors

The sense of smell may have a slightly sober impression among the five senses, but in fact it is closely related to the sense of taste described below, and it is extremely important.
If you catch a cold and your nose is clogged, it will make it difficult to understand the taste of rice.
In addition, when the sense of sight and smell are shut off, even those who are accustomed to eating may not be able to understand the taste, and may be confused as to "What are you eating?"
The sense of smell is such an important factor for us.
Well, what exactly is the smell in "My Sweet Valentine"?
It is nothing but the smell of Nene standing in front of him.
When I recall, in 2009 when Nintendo DS launched “Love Plus,” the first in the series, I sprayed an antiperspirant “Eight Four” on the DS itself and played “Reproduce the smell of a high school girl!” ) It was popular.
Let's imagine a pioneer here.
The wisdom of mankind thus passes over time.

Tactile importance to the warmth

When you hear "tactile sensation", your evil imagination immediately crosses your head.

Yes, you are. Don't you?

I am both a boyfriend and a gentleman.
I don't want to forget platonic feelings forever.

However, not stimulating the tactile sensations in any way does not control the senses.
Can we make use of the sense of touch within the platonic range?
After reflection, we come to one conclusion. In other words, it says, "Is the shoulder over the uniform or touch safe in such places?"
If you flash, good hurry.
I went to the store and bought some materials for uniforms (for cosplay).
However, as it is, it is just a piece of cloth.

Something more ... Sure!
I buy a hot potage from a vending machine.
Look, it's warm when wrapped in cloth!

Nene's warmth is transmitted through the palm of his hand.
The touch is now perfect.
Now, only taste!

Searching for the taste that all boyfriends can laugh and nod

Actually, this project was originally scheduled to be released around October 31, last year, the date of distribution of “Love Plus EVERY”.
However, for a deep reason, it will be kept until today.
This is because the answer to the taste was never found in the author.

Going back in time, in June 2011, a “throat candy” called “Halls Pink Grapefruit” was launched, inspired by my girlfriend, Nene.

It is very difficult to get the same product without resale, but since pink grapefruit itself can be reproduced with fruits and juices, I thought, "Let's make Nene's taste this."
However, this is only for Nene. It does not apply to Aika or Rinko's boyfriend.
All of us, Kalesi, are different women, but they must be brother-in-laws who have sworn for the same day and the same time when they die.
Only Nene's boyfriend can't be happy.
I don't want to make other boyfriends sad. Until the taste of Aika and Rinko was convinced, "This is it!"

This time, “My Sweet Valentine” started.
As a result, various taste-related problems in the author have been eliminated at once.
In other words, "I should just eat chocolate!"

Since it's a long Valentine's Day, chocolates will be prepared from handmade kits instead of off-the-shelf products.
Canojo will surely choose handmade.
I never thought that I would make chocolate for myself on Valentine's Day for the first time in Reiwa.

From now on, every time Valentine comes, I will remember this day and tears will come out.
Although it is a handmade kit, it takes a lot of time.
People who make chocolate by hand always realized that they were having such a hard time.
If you get chocolate, make sure to thank them.

To the best Valentine

Now everything is ready. Eight Four is sprayed indoors, and a smartphone is set in the VR goggles.
Hold your headphones firmly on your ears and add your own chocolate.
If you put your hand on the componenta wrapped with uniform cloth, preparation is OK.

Come on, Valentine!

Listen to the theme song of "Love Plus EVERY" here.

[From YouTube video introduction]
Love Plus EVERY Theme Song "" Can you feel me?

Lyricist: Masanori Ouchi
Composer: Shoichiro Hirata
Song: Aika Takamine (CV: Saori Hayami) / Rinko Kobayakawa (CV: Sakura Tange) / Nene Anegasaki (CV: Yuko Minaguchi)

Can you feel me every time? I'm here
Can you feel me everywhere?

I have to tell you, but I don't get that courage
I can not do it

Even though I'm in the classroom
I don't see my feelings

Touch your heart Touch my heart
So they can see each other

Can you feel me every time?
Can you feel me everywhere?

Can you feel me every time?
Can you feel me everywhere?

After adding my five senses to Love Plus EVERY, I found Nene.
As a boyfriend, I have a feeling that I can go one step further.
Once you have experienced this, there is a feeling that you will never come back, but I will continue to walk together on this uneven road.

A happy Valentine will come to all boyfriends.